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Contact Center Services

The contact center/call center is where customers interact with employees of your organization to provide product support and business information making it essential for to optimize this function.


The contact center solution gives the organization advanced control of how a customer’s call is routed and how a customer is treated. 312 Communications Inc. contact center engineers will work closely with your organization to build a system to enhance all business operations that require communication between employees and customers. Our solution provides business supervisors the ability to monitor agent calls and generate a report once a customer calls the center. (e.g. Average calls in queue, number of calls answered and hold time)


312 Communications specializes in planning, designing, implementation, and optimization of enterprise and small business call center solutions to help your customers contact the correct people inside your organization.


Technology Overview








Customer Contact

                                                                  Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise 

                                                        Cisco Unified Contact Center Express IPCC, UCX 

                                                                         Cisco Unified CRM Connector





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